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Fill in as much of the form below as you wish, sharing your interests and reading preferences. There are no required answers. The more you tell us, the better we can serve you by making recommendations you're more likely to enjoy.
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Please list 2 or 3 titles or authors you've enjoyed reading and let us know what you liked about them.
Please list  1 or 2 titles you disliked and why.
What genres are you interested in?                                 Please limit to a few, if you can, so we can better match your current reading interests.
What type of mood/tone are you looking for?           Please limit to a few, if you can, so we can better match your current reading interests.
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Would you like us to try to exclude any of the following from the books we suggest? We will do our best to avoid these, but can't guarantee that there will not be something objectionable. Check all that apply.
Are you interested in non-fiction as well? If so, please mark off areas of interest
Help us understand your choice by listening specific examples of the categories you selected. For example, you selected sports, let us know if you want books about football or hiking, or, if you select politics, would you prefer it be right or left leaning. Please use the comment box under "other"
Is there anything else we should factor into our suggestions?
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