Student Mindset Survey 16-17 (post)
Please read the statements below and select either true or false for each.
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I want to be better than other students in my class.
An important reason why I do my class work is because I like to learn new things.
I'd like to show my teacher that I'm smarter than the others in my class.
I like class work that I'll learn from even if I make a lot of mistakes.
It's very important to me that I don't look stupid in class.
If I do poorly on an assignment or test, it's because I didn't try hard enough.
Natural ability is more important than effort for doing well in school.
I can do well on any assignment if I try hard enough.
If I do well on an assignment or test, I think it's because of good luck.
An important reason why I do my work in class is because I want to get better at it.
If I do poorly on an assigment or test, it's usually the teacher's fault
Effort is more important than natural ability for doing well in school.
My intelligence is something very basic about me that I can't change very much.
No matter how much intelligence I have, I can always change it quite a bit.
I can learn new things, but I can't really change how intelligent I am.
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