Starpoint Title 1 Parent Input
Title 1 funds must be utilized to help students at-risk of not meeting the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).

Currently, Starpoint CSD uses Title 1 funds for a variety of supports including: RTI Reading Specialists, the RTI/AIS After-School/Before-School Scholars Program, etc.

Given the allowable & unallowable expenses for Title 1 funds (see link to list below), please provide input on any services you think would enhance Starpoint's Title 1 program.

For a list of allowable & unallowable expenses for Title 1, click here:

Input will be sent directly to Starpoint CSD Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Sean M. Croft, who coordinates the Title 1 program.
Please provide any input into how you think Starpoint could use Title 1 funds to better meet the needs of students at-risk of not meeting the CCLS
Examples may include: more support for students struggling in Math, a summer remediation program for students at-risk in Reading, etc.
Please provide contact information below for further discussion
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