2018 Vanishing Treasures Training
Thank you for your interest in attending a training event sponsored by the Vanishing Treasures program of the National Park Service

Please select the training you are interested in and provide your contact information. If you are interested in more than one training, you will see a prompt to submit another request at the end of this form. For NPS employees, you MUST have supervisory approval to attend a Vanishing Treasures training.

Workshops have a standard, flat tuition of $250 unless otherwise indicated.* Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive information for how to submit payment. There is limited enrollment in all classes. You are not enrolled until you have received a confirmation email from the Vanishing Treasures program and have submitted payment for tuition. The responses will be monitored weekly, so it may be a few days before you receive confirmation email.

Vanishing Treasures workshops are open to government, public, and private sector trainees. Because of this, DOI employees are responsible for registering separately on DOI Learn if they wish the class to appear on their transcript.

All trainees are responsible for securing and paying for travel, lodging, and meals while attending.

*Tuition rate for students enrolled at least half-time in an accredited academic institution is $50/person. Host park trainees will have a nominal fee of $25/person. Refunds will be available for up to one month before the workshop, after which point, no refunds will be given.

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