Health Habit Makers Fit Fam
Do you feel stuck?

Like your career and family take everything out of you?

I totally get it!

A year ago, I struggled with my self esteem, shame and binge/restriction cycle. I had long been "Recovered" from an eating disorder but struggled still to maintain my weight with healthy eating. I was on a quest to find balance and sustainable living, without feeling deprived.

I knew this was about HABITS. Not about losing the most weight in the shortest amount of time.

I started with home-workouts first and developed just the habit of showing up. I learned to use time management to build in the time and make it a priority every single day. It took trial and error, forgiveness and intention. I used what I learned in habit building to start a nutrition was all about building daily health habits into my nutrition regimen. No crash diets, but intentional setting myself up for success.

Fast Forward to today...I have lost 15 pounds...not overnight, built sustainable habits to work out 5 days a week, and continued on a mindset journey to gain confidence. That said, I never want to go back to where I was before...I want to continue growing and bettering myself into the new chapter!

I know building a health habit is hard. That's why I created the Health Happen Makers Fit Fam. A small group of women that are ready to stop settling for feeling OK...and want to TRANSFORM their lives to feel amazing.

I'd love to show you what is POSSIBLE for your health! Stop feeling like you are STUCK and start getting ready to TRANSFORM!

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It's amazing what a new habit will do for you!
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