Junior Programme Placement Test 2019
A short, 30-question test to assess your level.
You should not spend longer than 20 minutes to complete this test.
You can leave out answers if you don't know them.
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Questions (30 marks)
1. Nice to meet you. Where ________ from? *
2. This is Alan. ________ my brother. *
3. My sister enjoys swimming, but she ________ team sports. *
4. ________ two supermarkets in the town centre.
5. Jorge understands some English, but he ________ speak it very well.
6. On weekdays we ________ at seven o'clock.
7. I haven't got ________ money, so let's take the bus, not a taxi.
8. Where ________ on holiday last year?
9. Sophie is ________ than Julie.
10. Children at our local school ________ to wear a uniform.
11. Would you like ________ coffee?
12. Have you _______ to the Tower of London?
13. Right, I've got Mr. Macer's diary now. Oh, I'm afraid he ________ another client tomorrow at 10, but he could fit you in at 11.15 if that suits you.
14. The tall woman in the grey dress is the one ________ the house next door.
15. Dave's worked for the same company ________ he left school.
16. Let's go to the beach! It's ________ stay indoors.
17. If ________, I wouldn't trust that man.
18. Apparently the thief climbed in the kitchen window while everyone in the house ________ football on TV.
19. I'll come out with you on Thursday night ________ a lot of homework to do for the following day.
20. I'm finding it difficult to read small print, so I think I should ________
21. The first thing they asked me was if ________ the man before.
22. All the furniture they sell ________ recycled materials.
23. If there hadn't been such a big traffic jam, ________ my flight.
24. In my opinion, Rob is ________ Steve is.
25. ________ be the richest man in town.
26. I wasn't keen, but my husband insisted ________ to that new restaurant in the High Street and in fact it turned out to be very good.
27. But for the air traffic controllers' strike, ________
28. Not only ________ his essay off the internet, but he also lied to me when I challenged him about it.
29. Only when they'd done their homework and washed the dishes ________ outside to play.
30. ________ all his money, he was obliged to take out a loan.
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