PAIS Grand Opening Scavenger Hunt
Keep this form open as you watch the videos in our tour to answer the following questions. If you are one of the first ten people to submit the correct answers by November 8th, you will receive our limited edition PAÍS ear buds with microphone to keep you going through all of those Zoom meetings - or to watch our video tour again!

Winners will be notified after November 8th. Please contact Irene Gray at with any questions.
Please give your first and last name *
Please provide us with your email so that we may contact you if you have won. *
What does the word, "PAÍS" mean? *
60 years ago, the United States went on a mission to the moon. Today, the samples that were collected are being analyzed in this space within PAÍS. *
This space is currently developing new methods for rapid sequencing of the COVID-19 genome in order to better understand transmission of the virus. *
Where can you find over 40,000 urine samples that were collected over 20 years in order to better understand the health and physiology of their donors? *
The building's state-of-the-art features include: *
Thanks to the construction of PAÍS, this is now the only lab in the world that can make broad-band steady state and time-resolved magneto-optical measurements on solar active materials and magnetic fields. *
This space within the building has the first microscope of its kind installed anywhere within the U.S. It can see atoms! *
What color are the white boards in both the lobby of PAÍS and in the Co-op Room? *
This new University initiative has a video wall that can analyze big data in a level of detail seen in only about three other places in the world. *
This space was specifically designed to bring graduates and undergraduates together to learn from one another. *
What area on the first floor of PAÍS is designing and developing equipment for departments throughout campus? *
The basement of PAÍS is equipped with vibration resistance to protect against electromagnetic noise in this space. *
Name three professors who wore masks in their videos. *
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