Community Support
As a community we are called to love our neighbor. Although the need for social distancing makes checking on each other a bit more difficult, we believe we can creatively share God's love and provide support for one another. This form is intended to collect information both for people who are willing and able to provide support, and for those who need a helping hand. If a need is greater than what Grace can manage alone, we will reach out to community partners for additional support.
If you are available to assist with providing support please provide your name, phone number, email and general availability? (ex: Jane Doe, 555-555-5555., I am available most evenings and can drop of groceries/medication)
If you are in need of assistance during this time please provide your name, contact information and what type of help you need? (ex: Julie Doe, 555-555-5555, I need dog food, laundry soap, and would appreciate a call or letter)
If you have a prayer request, please let us know how we can pray for you:
If you are aware of a need in the community let us know the need and contact person :
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