Update to the Comprehensive Plan
The City of University Heights is updating its comprehensive plan, which is a long-range plan to guide future investment and development of the City for the next 15 to 20 years. This process will include several opportunities for the public to share opinions and comments to shape the plan. This survey is the first opportunity to share your thoughts about the future of University Heights. Your input will guide preliminary revisions to the existing plan to be discussed at a future workshop.

Through previous planning processes and public meetings, resident concerns have generally coalesced around the following:

1. Balancing owner-occupied and rental housing and encouraging long-term residency and maintenance of single-family properties.

2. Ensuring the financial viability of University Heights.

3. Creating neighborhood destinations and community gathering spaces.

4. Defining and maintaining community character distinct from neighboring jurisdictions.

5. Calming traffic and enhancing pedestrian and bicycle access.

6. Providing guidance as to where development or re-development may occur.

The current comprehensive plan includes implementation strategies to address these and other concerns. Much of what is included in the current plan remains relevant and will continue to guide the City. However, with the completion or progress on the planned projects and policies described on the next page, the City Council believes now is an appropriate time to take stock of the City's progress and ask what, if any, additional development should be considered and how to reinvest in or otherwise preserve what is best about University Heights.

The following summary of major changes that have occurred since the adoption of the 2010 comprehensive plan is intended to provide some background as we consider modifications to the plan. It may be helpful to review this information prior to taking the survey.

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