Sonarr Scene Naming Exceptions
Before add a new request make sure its not already on the list by checking here: - don't make us sort though duplicates.

A few don'ts:

- Add anime, use TheXEM for that
- Include numbering issues, TheXEM is used for that
- Add things that use the same title for releases as TheTVDB uses, use the the forums for support.
- Add duplicates
- Add duplicates (See what we did here?)

A few common mistakes (don't believe us, look at the list):

- IMDB instead of TVDB
- Fields used incorrectly (A name in the ID column)
- Reversing Scene and TVDB names
- Including the same title in Scene and TVDB names

If your request is invalid we'll add a note saying why, if you're request falls into one of the common issues above or one of the don'ts then we'll likely make a sarcastic comment and move on. If you need to give more information than is typically required, please open a thread on the forums.
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