National SOGIESC Refugee Fund Application
This application is for a grant to assist a private sponsorship of a refugee. Normally, $1,000 grants are given for a designated number of sponsored refugees. The number of sponsorship grants given each year is based on available funds and decided by the End of the Rainbow Board of Directors. No application is guaranteed to be accepted.

Applications must occur through a registered Canadian charity, as a qualified donee. Applicants must have formed a private sponsorship group, have 5 or more volunteers, fund raised for at least some of the sponsorship, and submitted the private sponsorship forms to IRCC. Charities can make as many applications as they wish.
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Refugee Information (where is the refugee from and how many in the family to be sponsored? Plus, other details you wish us to know. You do not have to name the refugees). *
Have you submitted the sponsorship forms to IRCC? *
How many volunteers have you arranged for your sponsorship group? *
How much has your group raised for the sponsorship? *
What is the total amount needed for the sponsorship?
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Each application is for a specific SOGIESC private sponsorship. If we have more questions we will contact you. No application is guaranteed to be funded.
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