Teaching Practices Feedback - Math 4440/5440
Please let me know, of the following practices, which were useful and should be continued. These answers help me design future courses. Your answers are especially helpful if you explain what exactly is problematic or helpful; there's a textbox for that afterward. I really appreciate the time you take to give this feedback.
Teaching practices
Very helpful
Very Problematic
Daily Post design (homework between every class)
The fact that daily posts were to be handed in
Completion-only grading for daily posts
Discord server
Website "History" tab
Regular take-home assessments
Textbook as a resource
Website as a resource (static aspects)
Recorded videos on canvas
Written assessment solutions
Written daily post solutions
As for cryptography, the fact that we covered a lot of modern stuff at the expense of more traditional material (this includes lattices, isogenies, quantum computing)
Clear selection
What comments on the above (explanations of your ratings if desired)?
Other comments on the course?
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