Loving Accountability Bike Tour Questionnaire
Please Read Carefully :D

We are so excited you are interested in being part of the Loving Accountability Bike Tour! This five day bike tour in the Ventura County and Santa Barbara County will challenge all of us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. This is a Spirit Bike Tour, meaning we are all riding with intention, gratitude, and a frequency of love. Therefore, it requires that everyone participating have self-discipline on our trip. Self-discipline means that on our journey we must be accountable to ourselves, the earth, and each other. For this reason this journey will aim to be zero-waste and fueled predominantly with wholesome and plant-based foods - junk food, sugary drink, alcohol and other substances are not part of our tour. It is also important to note that we will not have a support vehicle, which means that every single participant will have to get a health physical, pack light, cary group gear, and carry trash out. Finally, it will mean that we will all have to do our best to keep timely so our bike riding is safe and our skill shares can happen. This means everyone of us will have to manage our time in packing, helping the group, and meeting our own needs on a daily basis and before the trip.

Besides what is require on the actual tour everyone must be available in Los Angeles for the following pre-tour dates: Saturdays in February 13th, 27th and March 7th and 26th.

On these dates we will prepare everyone for the journey and ask that everyone meet the following assignments: bicycle safety check, equipment check, medical check, and put in bike riding mileage, etc. We are a resourceful collective with a lot of DIY ideas for how to bike tour, so these trainings are meant to support you in finding the best touring situation for you. In addition, we provide access to free camping equipment and more.Their are many costs associated to food and transportation and we are doing the best to maintain them low.

Each participant will need to contribute $175-$225 dollars. For those who aren't able to self-finance this tour, we provide bountiful support to fundraise. Our teenagers this last fall fundraised for their Bike Tour and each raised $150-$240. The teens accomplish this by asking and by selling the merchandise that we provided! Additionally, last years bike tourers organized with 2mex, Cihuatl Ce and other local artists to throw a fundraiser show which greatly reduced their costs. The fundraising Magic is possible!!

We only have space for about 8 participants and a few facilitators so please submit this questionnaire by February 5th, we will send final notice on the 6th. PLEASE RESPOND CONCISELY under 3 sentences for each question would be great and we welcome lists and bullet points. If you are stuck on anything or have any concerns please let us know because we want to support people's bike touring dreams! This includes money, gear, or even filling out this form.

WE ARE LEAVING FROM UNION STATION AT 4PM ON THURSDAY, MARCH 31TH AND RETURNING TO UNION STATION AT 8:30am On Tuesday 5th! The bike tour takes place in Ventura and Santa Barbara County.

Your name
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Your cellphone number
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Your email
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Your age please?
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Are their any health issues we should be aware of?
joint pains, fractures, asthma, allergies, other medical conditions?
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What is your bicycle experience? check all that apply
Tell us about your bike: How ready is it for a bike tour? check all that apply
Tell us ALL about yourself and community work you do or will do!
how do you identify, where did you grow up, where do you live, where your family is from, your relationship to biking, things you want to work around in accountability, etc?
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What does it mean to you to be rooted to your community?
Define what your community/communities are? what are the challenges of being rooted in your community? How do you practice being rooted? what work have you done or want to do in your community? How do you stay accountable to your community?
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How do you see bike touring connected with community organizing and accountability?
Please answer this freely, we are excited to read this portion!
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What does loving accountability mean to you? Why is accountability important in community organizing, especially around resilience, health & resistance?
you can provide examples, experiences, stories, narratives, etc
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What do you expect to learn and use from this experience personally and for your community?
it could be about bike touring, accountability, camping, health etc.
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Economic Relationship: Do you have funds to pay for any food, travel, or bike needs expenses? Do you have access or tools to acquire these needs? Will you commit to fundraise to meet these needs, if need be?
Although the bike tour is free, food and travel may not be, we want to know what your plan is to sustain your needs for this trip.
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We believe that everyone has valuable knowledge, and because of this we want all participants to participate in SEEDING Exchanges (Sharing Experiences, Education, Discipline, Intentions, and Nourishment for Growth). If you are interested in doing a specific SEEDING, please let us know more about. Keep in mind our theme of Loving Accountability.
Please give us a short description of your idea and ideal time and settings.
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