LilyBelle Farms Puppy Questionnaire
Please complete the questionnaire to be considered as a LilyBelle Farms French Bulldog buyer.
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Are you aware that French Bulldogs cannot swim? *
Are you aware that French Bulldogs have heat intolerance and are susceptible to heat stroke? *
Are you aware that French Bulldogs are prone to allergies? *
Are you aware than French Bulldogs are prone to spinal issues? *
Are you aware that rough play, stairs, jumping off bed/couch, in and out of car is not recommended with the breed? *
Are you aware that French Bulldogs can be more difficult to housebreak than other dogs? *
Do you have air conditioning? *
Who will be the primary caretaker of the puppy? *
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How many hours will the be puppy be alone during the day? *
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Are you aware that as a companion dog, French Bulldog puppies do not do well being left alone for extended periods of time such as 7-9 hours daily?.   *
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Where will the puppy sleep at night? *
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Do you have any other pets?  If so, what type and how many? *
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Have you owned dogs in the past?  If so, what happened to them? *
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I require that your puppy be spayed or neutered at an appropriate age, do you understand this requirement and agree? *
Are you interested in a male or female? *
What color French Bulldog are you looking for?  Please indicate all colors you would be interested in so we can help guide you towards a litter that might produce those colors. *
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Are you willing to keep in touch with me with pictures and updates about the puppy? *
Do you believe in crate training? *
Placing a puppy deposit with LilyBelle Farms is a commitment to purchase a puppy from a current or future litter.  Puppy deposits are non-refundable.  Do you understand this? *
Do you understand that if you are offered a puppy that meets your criteria per the questionnaire and you change your mind, find a different puppy, find out you cannot have a dog, decide the timing no longer works for you, have changes to your lifestyle, etc., the deposit amount will not be refunded? *
Do you understand that you will choose your puppy from detailed descriptions and photos and not in person? *
Do you understand that puppies are selected in the order I received your deposit once the puppies are 4 weeks old? *
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