The Diamond Village Blog Tour
If you'd like to sign up for a blog tour post (one post, one day in the tour), fill in your information below and we'll get back to you! THIS IS ONLY OPEN UNTIL NOVEMBER 1, 2019. Here are the basic options for your post type, but feel free to improvise and have a creative option! >>>
1. Feature Post - this is the simplest option where we give you the basic info about TDV and you'll add them to your post. All the following posts will include this information but also have creative aspects.
2. Meet The Characters - if you pick this option, we'll send you the list of characters and you get to pick any of them and 'feature' them (write about them- we'll give you the basic info about them and go from there).
3. Blogger Interview - you pick one of the bloggers of TDV (don't worry, you'll get a list!) and ask them whatever questions you want to! Keep in mind that at least some of the questions should include something about TDV.
4. Character Interview - this is similar to Meet the Characters, but instead of a post about the characters, you'll be asking questions to the characters that they will answer. The same rules apply regarding choices and the basic info.
5. Short Story - this short story will feature the characters (you can choose how many you want to feature) and can be in any setting you want (e.g. the actual Village, an AU where they're in high school, etc.)! You have complete creative freedom, but please keep in mind the characters' personalities which we'll provide later.
6. Imagine Post - in this option, the reader visualizes what it would be like to live in the Village with the characters. Your role will be to provide us with simple questions (e.g. What can you hear? What do you see?) and a blogger will answer it (e.g. The birds are chirping. The sun is shining) so that reader can 'imagine' TDV.
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