Adoption Application
Our Adoption Policy

* Upon intake all dogs receive a wellness exam including the following vaccinations: bordatella, rabies, distemper, parvovirus, para-influenza, and adenovirus if needed;

* No animal will be placed in a home which currently has any unaltered cats/dogs;

* A minimum of 1 veterinary reference or 2 personal references will be checked prior to the animals placement; ​

* No animal will be placed in a home as an outdoor only pet, pets are placed in homes as members of the family;

* If any animal placed in a home is picked up by animal control at any time within the animals life and PRG is contact, a review of the home will take place and the dog may be removed without refund;

* Obedience school is strongly recommended for all new pets;

* Homes with cats which have been de-clawed while in the care of the family will not be eligible to adopt;

* Homes which have sold, given away or released an animal to an animal control agency (for any reason other than aggression) within the last 12 months are not eligible to adopt;

* Homes which are unable to make the requested adoption donation are not eligible to adopt;

* Homes who are not willing to return the adopted animal to PRG should they be unable to keep the animal for any reason are not eligible to adopt;

* Homes which will not allow for a home inspection upon request are not eligible to adopt.​
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