PWL Pirates Swim Team Registration 2019
Please read the Pirates Parent Handbook and Volunteer Job Description documents before filling out and submitting this form. Please bring payment to the first day of practice. $40 for 1st child, $30 for 2nd child and $25 per additional child. Swimsuit and latex cap are included. Make checks payable to PWLPOA. ALL NEW swimmers must bring birth certificate. Registration deadline June 26th. Any questions please email Merchandise orders are due by June 18th. Members must be in good standing to sign up. Office staff will verify.
Swimmers Last Name *
Swimmers First Name *
Parent/Guardian Name *
Street Address *
City/State/Zip code *
Relatives Name & Address if applicable
Required for non-resident relatives of a PWL resident in good standing
Lot number *
Telephone *
Email address *
Emergency number *
Where you can be reached during practice
Date of Birth *
NEW swimmers must bring birth certificate
Age as of 7/4/19 *
Swim Group *
Please use swimmers age on July 4th 2019
Have you swam on any swim team before? *
Swimsuit size *
See parent handbook sizes range from 22-40
Girls ONLY
Swimsuit strap style
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Swim Cap *
Please select one. Latex caps come free with registration. If you choose a silicone cap please add $10 to your registration fee. If you do not want a cap please select NO CAP.
Medical Insurer
Health Related Problems
Swim A Thon participation/donations fundraiser *
We ask that all swimmers either participate or collect donations with a minimum of $20 per family. Please check below so we can plan accordingly.
Please check how you would like to volunteer *
We ask that all parents participate at meets, check ALL that apply: Please review form "Parent volunteer job descriptions"
Committee helpers (In addition to the above jobs our committee Chairs could use helpers. Please select a committee that you would be interested in helping with. If more then one please write in other.)
Clear selection
Agreement: By checking the box below you and your swimmer acknowledge and agree to the terms set forth in the Pirates Parent handbook and give permission for your child to participate in the activities of this swim team. You are also certifying that the above information is correct and that your child is physically fit to participate in the type of activities associated with this swim team which includes being able to swim in the deep end of the pool unassisted. *
During the season, pictures of your child may be taken at swim functions and may be posted on swim page, our private facebook page, team DVD & collage or local papers. Please check below if you would or would not like your childs pictures used. *
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