EnerGIS 2021 Cartography, Geography or GIS Scholarship Form
Please submit your application for an EnerGIS scholarship here! Open to full or part-time graduate and undergraduate students who attend an institution in the United States, Canada or Mexico, and are lawful residents or citizens of the United States, Canada or Mexico.

Eligible topics may be derived from coursework, a project completed in class, an internship, or completed as a capstone project..

In the abstract, please provide 2 to 3 paragraphs outlining your project. Be sure to include a description of your problem or thesis, the objectives you hoped to reach by completing the project, and the end result.
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I understand the following rules regarding the EnerGIS Scholarship program: One $2000 scholarship will be given to the grand prize winner(s) of the graduate and under-graduate scholarships. The committee may choose to give a number of "runner-up" scholarship prizes. If joint projects are submitted the committee may choose to split the scholarship among the presenters. Decision of the scholarship review committee is final. *
I understand the following rule: Scholarships are available to full or part-time students studying at a university, college, or technical school in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Students need not be GIS or Geography majors but their course work and / or majors must have a large geospatial component. The grand prize winners must present their project at the conference (in person or virtually), and shall receive their scholarship check at the EnerGIS Conference. Grand prize winners shall receive complimentary admission to the conference. All travel and lodging costs shall be paid for by the scholarship winners. If travel to the conference is not feasible the winner may choose to select a lesser "runner-up" scholarship. *
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