Meditation, Mudra, Pranayama_January 2021
Meditation Homework
Our topic for meditation in January is prayer. Prayer is a deeply personal practice and may be defined as a conversation with God/Creator/Source/Spirit/Higher Self. Prayer has also been described as speaking to God/Source and meditation as allowing God/Source to speak to you.

Please describe (briefly) in one paragraph what prayer means to you and how prayer helps in your life. If prayer is not part of your life, do you have a practice that connects you to something or someone that brings you peace and a sense of belonging?

Your responses will be included in a handout similar to the "What We Think" pages Paula compiles for Philosophy. I will not include names in the handout so your responses will be anonymous. There is no judgment of your personal practice or beliefs. Your heartfelt and honest answers are honored as your truth. (Your teachers will be participating also.) Our Meditation session next time will be a sharing of all our personal thoughts about prayer.

Mantra Homework
See details below for a mantra exercise. You may chant along with Deva Premal in this very simple version of Om Shanti Om: There are many others online to try, just search for “Om Shanti Om mantra 108 times”

Pranayama Homework
See details below for a pranayama exercise.

For questions about the assignment: email Sally at
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Repeat an easy mantra such as “Om Shanti Om” (Shanti means peace) using your mala. You may also use any short phrase that is meaningful to you while chanting 108 times. *
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Practice Sitali/Sitkari breath, try cueing yourself first and then cue a friend just for practice. *
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Review Question from the December Session: What is a mala? *
Review Question from the December Session: What is the significance of 108? *
Review Question from the December Session: How does a mala help with meditation? *
Review Question from the December Session: How are Sitali and Sitkari breaths different? *
Review Question from the December Session: Name one benefit of Sitali/Sitkari breath and one contraindication *
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