2018 KGTC Convention Feedback
We'd like to know what was good, what we need to improve and how you can help us be better in the future!
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How did you learn about the KGTC conference this year?
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What was the best thing that the 2018 conference provided to you?
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Which breakout session(s) or presenter(s) provided the best experience for you and why was that session/person beneficial?
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For the linear scale items, please provide a rating from 1 to 5, where 1 is not very good or below expectations and 5 is very good or well above expectations. 3 can be average, or no specific opinion.
You will have the opportunity to explain your ratings after these questions
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ESU Union as a facility/venue *
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Please provide any additional, specific feedback pertaining to the venue, food and the process for registration and checking in at the conference, especially if any area was rated 1 or 2. Your suggestions and concerns are always welcome and appreciated!
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For the next two questions, please use 3 to indicate you did not attend or had no opinion since you did not attend both keynotes if you only attended one day of the conference.
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Quality of Keynote Kathy Nilles (Sunday) *
Quality of Keynote Dr. Stella Smith (Monday) *
How much impact does the keynote speaker have on your decision to attend KGTC conference each year? *
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Return to using 1 as not very good and 5 as very good for these rating questions:
Overall Quality of Breakout Sessions - information that was relevant *
Overall Quality of Breakout Sessions - length of time for speaker *
Vendors - quality/quantity *
Length of conference (2 days instead of previous 3) *
Overall value of the conference for the amount I (or my school district) paid *
Please explain any of your ratings of the overall conference, speakers and sessions available. Help us to make choices that reflect your interests and needs:
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What two things did the 2018 conference do particularly well that should be included in future conferences?
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What specific changes or improvements need to be made?
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What topic(s) need to be added to future convention breakout sessions? Please suggest at least one area that should be added, or continued: *
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Other specific comments about conference that have not been addressed in any previous questions, or other comments related to KGTC you would like to add:
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What are you willing and able to do to help the KGTC board improve future conventions?
If you would like to be contacted about helping the KGTC board as noted in the previous questions, please provide the specific email address that should be used for that purpose here:
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