Grade 12 Exit Survey - May 1, 2019
This survey will give us feedback to continually improve upon the supports and experiences for MMR students!
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What is your first name? *
What is your last name? *
What is your non-HDSB email address (that will use after you leave MMR)? *
What is your intended pathway for next year? *
What is the name of the institution you will be attending next year (if applicable)?
What is the name of the program you will be taking next year (if applicable)?
Would you be interested in coming back to MM Robinson to speak about your post-secondary experience next year? *
How comfortable did you feel approaching your Guidance Counsellor when/if you needed academic support? *
Not at all comfortable
Very comfortable
How comfortable did you/would you feel approaching your Guidance Counsellor when/if you needed personal support (social/emotional)? *
Not at all comfortable
Very comfortable
How accessible did you feel Guidance was when you needed to see a Counsellor? *
Inaccessible (frequently had to wait more than 2 school days)
Very accessible (always could see within 1 school day)
How effective were the following methods of communication in relaying information to you about processes and upcoming events? *
Not at all effective
Somewhat effective
Very effective
One-on-one appointments
Grad Newsletters
Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
Google Classroom
Bulletin Boards/White Board outside of Guidance
Posters around the school
Please offer any additional information that will help to explain your responses above.
Please rank the following grad-related initiatives/events and how useful they were to you in your post-secondary planning this year. *
Not at all
Very much
Did not attend
Scholarship/Bursaries Workshop
MMR Pathways Fair (October)
OSAP Workshop
Apprenticeship/College/University Application Workshops
MMR Career Fair
Please offer any comments that will help to support your answer above.
If you took an online (eLearning) course, what advice would you offer to students taking online courses next year to support their success in the course?
How comfortable would you say you feel navigating the features of myBlueprint after your time at MMR using this pathway planning tool? *
Not at all
Very comfortable
Thank you for your feedback!! We wish you the very best in all of your pursuits next year. Please stay in touch!
Remember to watch for the upload of your final marks in July to OCAS/OUAC to make sure they are correct and complete!
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