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Hello you!

We're a Glasgow-based startup social enterprise created to respond to the climate emergency and tackle fast-fashion by reducing the carbon footprint and social injustices caused by the fashion industry and in particular - the footwear sector, which by large has gone unchallenged for too long.

As one of our actions, we've created our Sustainable Footwear marketplace ( to make it easier for people to make informed decisions about their purchases that don't compromise their values. The purpose of this 10 day pilot is to LEARN (what we got right and what can be improved). That's where YOU come in! You're feedback is invaluable, so if you can please take a moment to fill out this survey so together we can take a step in repairing the apparel industry (and also so our platform isn't shit but is THE shit, hah, when we fully launch it 2022)!

If you would like to be considered for the prize draw and win a sexy shoe care kit, please leave your contact information below and tick the box to confirm you’re happy for us to contact you if you win!

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