Science National Honor Society application 2018
Please note that the minimum requirements to be accepted as a member of the WSHS SNHS chapter are:
3.8 unweighted GPA
Enrolled in or have taken at least 1 AP or DE science class

Send questions to and/or talk to Ms. Cornell. Application due by 3/31.

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Current science class(es), teacher(s), and first semester letter grade(s) *
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List any extracurricular activities/experiences that demonstrate your science interest and years of participation for each *
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What invention would you "uninvent" if you could, and why? Please respond in at least 200 words. *
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I understand that once accepted as an SNHS member, I must pay the $10 membership fee to Ms. Cornell. *
I understand that as an SNHS member, I have the responsibility to attend meetings/activities organized by officers, provide ideas and constructive feedback to the officers, and promote a positive attitude toward sciences. *
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