2020 GraphQL Roadmap Survey
At Fauna, our #1 company goal is to provide the best possible experience for our developer community. Sharing your opinions via this form will help us deliver the tools you need to develop production-ready applications faster.
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Which of the following 3rd party GraphQL specs have you worked with?
We do plan to fully support the GraphQL spec. Meanwhile, to help us release incremental improvements towards this goal, please rank the following from most to least important. *
Most important
2nd most important
3rd most important
4th most important
Support for user-defined Union types
Support for user-defined Interface types
Support for user-defined Scalar types
How important are each of the following features?
For each of the following, please rank its importance to your current project. In some cases, there is a link to read more and share your thoughts with others.
Improve the schema import experience.
Filtering options in autogenerated queries.                                                 https://bit.ly/3eo64wO
Sorting options in autogenerated queries.                                                  https://bit.ly/2TKXr7G
Allow @resolver directive in user-defined types’ fields
Allow @unique directive to support multiple fields.                                    https://bit.ly/36FiPjT 
Allow @index directive to work with Indexes defining values other than "All".          https://bit.ly/2M7w83f
Add a @default directive for setting default values.
Add @createdAt and @updatedAt directives.
Autogenerate a findBy query when a field is annotated with the @unique directive.
Autogenerate bulk mutations: createAll, updateAll, deleteAll.                         https://bit.ly/3df5b9H
Autogenerate an upsert mutation.
Add an @id directive for defining a custom Id field and autogenerating queries and mutations on top of it.
Provide a mechanism to prevent a Collection from being autogenerated for a given type.                                          https://bit.ly/2Mb98jX
Provide a mechanism to prevent a queries and mutations being autogenerated for a given type.                                          https://bit.ly/2ZOo6UR
In a one-to-one relation between two collections, provide a mechanism to control in what collection the reference will be stored.                                                      https://bit.ly/3gxCxTl
What else would you like to see in FaunaDB? How can we improve FaunaDB for you?
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