What's That Sound? Podcast: Final Answer Submission
This is the final answer form for What's That Sound? Podcast Season One.

Guess the sounds from all seven episodes. If you get 'em all, we'll put you in a random drawing to win the grand prize: $1,000 USD. We grade on a curve, so go ahead and submit anyway even if you're not sure.

You gotta be over 18 years old and live in the USA to win. Make sure you check out our rules here to make sure you're eligible: https://www.whatsthissound.com/rules.html

DEADLINE: November 3rd, 11:59 PM EST
We'll announce the winner: November 6th (we'll release an announcement episode on the feed)

If you win, we'll reach out to your email to get you that sweet sweet $$. We can pay via PayPal or check.
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If you win we'll say your first name on the podcast.
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WEEK FOUR: what was that sound? *
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