The 1st ITB Centennial and 4th PlanoCosmo International Conference on Infrastructure Development -- Tour/Field Trip

As a supporting post-conference event for The 1st ITB Centennial and 4th PlanoCosmo International Conference on Infrastructure Development, the committee proudly presents you 2 tour/field trip options to enrich your conference experience! For an additional 50 USD/500.000 IDR, you may choose ONE tour/field trip of your preference that will be held on Thursday, April 5th, 2018.

Please note:
1. This online registration form is valid only for those who have not yet registered as a conference participant but wish to join the tour. If you have already registered as a conference participant but have not yet registered for the tour but wish to participate, you may send an email with the subject TOUR REGISTRATION - [name of preferred tour option] - [your name] indicating your interest in joining our additional post-conference tour. Eg, TOUR REGISTRATION - BANDUNG CITY TOUR - FAUZIA. We will register you via the PlanoCosmo ConfTool.
2. There are limited seats for each tour and you will be allocated to the the alternative tour option if your preferred tour has reached its full quota.

How to pay:
1. Paypal
To make payment for the tour via Paypal, please pay the fee to

2. Direct Transfer Bank
Account Holder : Farida Khuril Maula
Account No. : 0505291393
Bank : BANK NEGARA INDONESIA (BNI), Branch: Perguruan Tinggi Bandung, Indonesia

Please upload your payment receipts to
Option 1: Bandung City Tour
The Bandung City Tour showcases a variety of Bandung’s main icons all in a one day trip. Ranging from cultural and heritage sites and creative community spaces to planning galleries/museums and modern smart city centers, this trip allows the tour passengers a glimpse of how Bandung is nicknamed a smart and creative city. Touring around the city on the iconic ‘Bandung Tour on the Bus’ or ‘Bus Bandros’, topped off with a cultural performance and exotic dinner at the infamous Saung Angklung Udjo, you are sure to indulge yourself in the Bandung way of life all in just one day!
Bandung City Tour Itinerary
- Meeting point at ITB
- Visiting Dago Pojok Creative Kampong
- Visiting Gedung Sate Museum or Bandung Planning Gallery
- Lunch
- Sightseeing by Bandros
- Dinner at Saung Udjo

All meals and transport are covered.
Option 2: New Cities Tour
The increase of day-to-day issues in urban dwellings, growing population, coupled with the increase in private investments have lead to the development of many new cities in Indonesia. In pursuit of providing better urban livelihood and accommodation for industrial and housing needs of metropolitan areas, many new cities have emerged near the proximity of Jabodetabek metropolitan region. This tour provides insight on the emerging new city developments, namely Kota Deltamas, Meikarta & Jababeka in a one-day trip. With expert guidance throughout the trip, tour passengers also gain academic perspectives on how such developments have come about in regards to land and new city development in Indonesia.
New Cities Tour Itinerary
- Meeting point at ITB
- Trip to Kota Deltamas
- Welcoming remarks from developer of Kota Deltamas
- QnA Session
- Lunch
- Site visit to Kota Deltamas
- Coffee break
- Back to Bandung

All meals and transport are covered.
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