2018 Pineridge Volunteer Application Form
What we want to see in all our volunteers:
1) Personal Christian faith and participation in a home church
2) Has or willing to obtain criminal record check, Plan to Protect training and Pineridge-Specific training
3) Minimum of 2 years older than youngest camper (Jr. leaders for Rookie Camp must be 11yrs+)
4) Available for a full camp session


Cabin Leaders are expected to:
1) Personally prepare for the spiritual, mental, physical and social pressures of camp ministry
2) Lead and guide campers by example in a healthy camping experience - respecting rules/policies, meals, sleep, etc.
3) Demonstrate the love of God for campers by fully participating in activities, guiding cabin discussions, listening, etc.
4) Put campers first (selfless leadership), promote fun as well as safety and hygiene
5) Contribute to and support the camp team, encourage other leaders and assist staff as needed during meals/activities
6) Report concerning activities, behaviours and conversations to a camp director

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