Sienna's Spot - NexTrex Recycling Challenge
Following the successful completion of 2 rounds of the NexTrex Recycling Challenge, by Kinnelon Girl Scout Troop 96533 and the Fayson Lakes Association, Troop 96533 is happy to announce the start of a new round of the recycling program to earn our 3rd Sienna’s Spot bench!  We have once again teamed up with the Maloney Family for this wonderful tribute.

Please join our goal to donate 500 lbs. of recyclable plastic film materials to obtain a new Trex bench for our Kinnelon community, while also doing something positive for our environment!

How the process works:

1) Weigh bags of plastic film at home (e.g., use a fish or luggage scale… or just use a regular scale to weigh yourself with-and-without bags!)

2) Bring them to one of the participating retailers, with the following in mind:
    a) Stores typically prefer daytime hours for donations.
    b) Bags should be compressed as much as possible.
    c) Collection bags should be transparent, or white and unsealed, to avoid being mistaken for trash.

3) Use the form below to record the # of pounds successfully donated!

Please see below for examples of plastic film materials eligible for recycling as part of this program, that fall outside our bi-weekly commingled recycling pick-up.

We're just beginning the collection for a new 500-lb. goal, so please keep those donations coming!

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