2016 Private Practice Human Resource Survey
For two years in a row, we've heard it directly from private practice owners within physical therapy that finding & keeping good talent is their singular biggest business challenge. Through this survey, combined with our 2016 DPT Talent Acquisition Report -- we hope to bridge the gap.
If you are a private practice owner or serve in a management / leadership role within private practice, we welcome you to contribute to this survey.
1. What is the most important trait you are looking for in prospective employee? *
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2. How you rank the desirability to hire a new grad? *
I don't want new grads. I want 100% experienced staff.
I LOVE new grads. I'd love to hire one today, if I could!
3. Would you be willing to explore a legacy program, where the right new grad could be slowly groomed into partnership? *
4. What do you feel is fair compensation for a top talent new grad; mature for their years, humble to learn, with great interpersonal and team skills? *
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***Below are OPTIONAL questions to the survey.
Thanks again for contributing to the 2016 Private Practice Human Resource Report!
5. (Optional) Which state are you in?
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6. (Optional) Which setting are you operating in?
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