¡VAMOS! Market Survey
Dear Valued Respondent,

After reading our online brochure on the innovative ¡VAMOS! concept and additional information available on our website (www.vamos-project.eu), we’d be grateful if you would answer some very brief questions in this survey on your impression of the project and its goals for a more sustainable and economically viable inland mining solution.

We will collect the results from the survey in 2 weeks time and would kindly ask you to send us your thoughts before then.

Kind regards,
The ¡VAMOS! Project Consortium
The ¡VAMOS! Set-up
What is your background/area of work?
How innovative does the ¡VAMOS! concept seem to you?
Less innovative
More innovative
Clear selection
How positive do you feel about the potential impact of the project in 30 years' time?
Less positive
More positive
Clear selection
What would be crucial for you to know to make an informed decision on advocating/using VAMOS?
Which components need to be developed further for ¡VAMOS! to be more appealing from your perspective?
Are there any additional functionalities which you would like the system to provide?
If relevant, would you prefer a service + operation or machine-purchase option?
Clear selection
In order of decreasing importance, what are the 3 most important economic variables influencing your impression of VAMOS?
How socially and environmentally beneficial do you perceive ¡VAMOS! to be?
Less beneficial
More beneficial
Clear selection
Are there any factors which stand out to you as being socially and/or environmentally responsible and/or irresponsible?
What is your general impression on the feasibility of the ¡VAMOS! concept?
Do you perceive any specific bottlenecks to the operation and implementation of VAMOS?
Please number the following on a scale of 'most concerned' to 'least concerned'. With 1 being 'most concerned'.
Economic feasibility
Technological feasibility
Legislative feasibility
Environmental concerns
Social concerns
Clear selection
Do you have any comments based upon your answers in the previous question?
Do you have any further comments about VAMOS?
If you would like to receive updates on the progress of ¡VAMOS!, then please write your email address below.
If you would be interested in attending a ¡VAMOS! open-day event in 2018, then please write your email address below.
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