Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF) Application Spring 2019
The JLF is a 10-week experiential, conversational seminar for students looking to deepen their understanding of Judaism on their own terms. This semester explore Sex, Love and Romance. We’ll ask: How might Jewish ideas and values help you understand your own (and others’) boundaries when it comes to sex? What’s sex got to do with being Jewish? Is it Jewish to talk about sex? Does Judaism understand the topics I grapple with, like gender, sexual agency, and stereotypes? How will Judaism be at the table when I am making decisions about sex and intimacy?”

We are proud to say that we make no claims about the "right" way to practice or not to practice Judaism. Our job is to help you explore the tradition in a safe space and find your own place, on your terms, in Judaism's Great Conversation.

The course for spring semester will be limited to 15 participants. In adition to 10 classes, we will gather for a special Shabat dinner together at Hillel. A $300 stipend will be given to those who complete the program.

This semester JLF will be on Wednesdays from 7:00 - 8:30 pm starting Wednesday 2/6/2019. Dinner is inlcuded. See you then!

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