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Dear Valued Community Member,

As a pivotal part of our community, we are aware of your potential influence and capacity to contribute positively to the lives of fellow Sri Lankans. As you know, SLAASC is committed to supporting new Sri Lankan immigrants as they transition into their new lives here in the United States. One of the most significant aspects of this transition is securing stable employment.

With this in mind, we cordially invite you to consider sharing any job openings within your business or any opportunities you might be aware of within your professional network. By listing job vacancies with SLAASC, you would be providing a crucial lifeline to those seeking employment, thereby directly facilitating their integration and success in their new homeland.

By employing our fellow Sri Lankans, you would not only provide them with the means to support themselves and their families, but you would also be giving them an opportunity to utilize their skills and talents in a meaningful way. This could prove to be an incredibly rewarding experience both for them and for your business, fostering diversity, cultural exchange, and shared growth.

Join us in this important initiative to boost the economic stability and professional growth of our community. Your contribution will have a tremendous impact on the lives of those taking their first career steps in a new country, further reinforcing the values of unity, collaboration, and mutual support that our association embodies.

Thank you for considering this appeal, and for your ongoing support of SLAASC and our community. Together, we can ensure that Southern California remains a place of opportunity and prosperity for all Sri Lankans.

Thank you for your continual support,

Niroshan Kahawatte, President 


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The Sri Lanka America Association of Southern California (SLAASC) facilitates this job listing platform as a service to our community. Please be aware that we do not bear any liability relating to employment arrangements that may arise from these postings. We strongly encourage all employers to conduct appropriate due diligence, including comprehensive interviews and background checks, to ensure a safe and respectful employment environment. It's crucial to remember that employers are entirely responsible for adhering to all relevant laws and regulations concerning employment practices.
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