Petition - Demand 4J Stop Letting Crisis Pregnancy Centers Into Our Schools.
Between February 23 and March 5, Dove Medical has taught abstinence only education to students at Roosevelt Middle School, Churchill High-School, North Eugene High School, and South Eugene High school. It is unacceptable that students are being taught traumatizing sexual education that shames our students.

Sign this petition if you agree with the following statement:

Crisis pregnancy centers should not be teaching abstinence only education in 4J. This pedagogy traumatizes students and fails to prevent STIs or unwanted pregnancies. On Dove Medical's website, they share on their "about me" page that one of their purposes is to teach "abstinence education in the schools." It is absolutely unacceptable for 4J to be violating its own policies under its health code and state policies by INVITING a crisis pregnancy center which is accredited by Heartbeat International and the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, both of which are strong anti-choice and religiously motivated organizations.

In Eugene, we value the separation of church and state.

We shouldn't allow an organization whose first statement of principle is "DOVE MEDICAL is an outreach ministry of Jesus Christ through His church," to preach in health classes that are supposed to teach science. Furthermore, the SOLE vision statement for Dove Medical is "To eliminate the perceived need for abortion in our communities," and we are allowing a staunch anti-choice organization to teach to our students.

We demand that 4J follow state law, and cancel any future presentations scheduled by DOVE Medical, and instead provide a health education curriculum that informs students on evidence-based practices.

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