TECH-Nique online facilitator
Job Description:  It's going to be an exciting summer!  TECH-Nique is looking for dynamic individuals who embrace our mission of providing technology education programs to create change.  We are looking for current teachers to serve as online facilitators for our 2020 Summer Programs, the All That TECH Conference for Girls and the Technology Entrepreneurship to Create Change (TECC BOSS) Internship. The days and times will be Monday - Thursday, 9a - 4p, with a one-hour meeting on Fridays. The program runs from June 15th - July 31st, 2020.


As an online facilitator for TECH-Nique, you will be responsible for the following:

Regulating online course material in UX design, visual programming, digital marketing, Circuit Playground Express, Microsoft Power Apps, and/or data analysis.

Grading online assignments 

Providing discussion opportunities where participants use messages and comments to facilitate learning.

Supporting youth in their design of an app to address a community need.  

Support of youth while they move through the program, with empathy and restorative justice.  We are here to honor the identities of the youth and embrace their stories and communities.  

Participating in weekly support meetings with the team

Inspiring youth to reach their highest potential

Encouraging students to complete tasks - we are helpful, not punitive

Familiarity and comfort with implementation of PBIS principles 

Other duties as requested


Comfortable learning a new technology skill

Classroom technology teaching experience with classrooms that have multiple modes of diversity (i.e. ethnic, gender, and socioeconomic diversity)

Familiarity and comfort with Restorative Justice practices

Exceptional organization and time management skills

Ability to adhere to deadlines, react to unpredictable events quickly and efficiently, be resourceful, manage conflict and challenges


Here are our values at TECH-Nique:

An unwavering belief that every participant can learn technology

A commitment to encouraging marginalized groups, especially African-American girls, to consider the field of technology 

A commitment to providing a learning environment and program that is welcoming and encouraging to all of our participants

A high value placement on the communities and identities of our participants.  We DO NOT subscribe to respectability politics 

A commitment to creating an ecosystem of learners and leaders in technology

A lifelong learner mindset for all of us that are part of TECH-Nique

A growth mindset that embraces mistakes and values perseverance

Does this sound like you?  We would love to consider you!  
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If there's anything else you want me to know, put it here. Otherwise, That's it! You'll hear from me shortly. In the meantime, feel free to text me at 502-876-8759 or email me at if you have any questions.
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