The Florida Aquarium's Teen Volunteer Program - Application, 2019
This is the application form for The Florida Aquarium's Teen Volunteer Program for 2019. The full description can be found on the Aquarium's website at If you experience any difficulties, please call or email Rebecca Hughes, Education Volunteer Coordinator, at 813-367-4075 or

This form must be completed before an applicant can be considered for a position at The Florida Aquarium. The online recommendation form must be filled out by a non-relative adult as well. The link for the recommendation form is Essays must be submitted through this form.

Several fields in this form ask for applicant, not parent, contact information. Volunteering at The Florida Aquarium requires the ability to communicate with other team members, to receive and respond to emails in a timely fashion, and to communicate short notice schedule changes effectively.

To apply for the Junior Educator program, please refer to the Program Description on the website for the written application form:

Name *
Grade Level *
School *
If homeschooled or enrolled in Florida Virtual School, please share that AND the county in which you are registered.
Age *
APPLICANT'S Phone Number *
This number should be the one most likely to connect to the applicant directly. This should not be the applicant's parent's number unless that is the only number available to the applicant.
APPLICANT'S Email Address *
The email address should be the one that the applicant is most likely to check at least once every week. Ideally, this is not the email address of the applicant's parent.
What extracurricular activities and commitments are you currently engaged in? *
How did you hear about volunteering at the Aquarium? *
Are you able to commit to the basic expectations of the Teen Volunteer Program: *
volunteer at least 8 hours per month
volunteer for at least 6 months, continuously
check your email at least once a week
supply at least two weeks’ notice if you are not able to attend your shift (barring emergencies)
submit a one-time $30 materials fee
Have you explained the commitment required by the Aquarium's Teen Volunteer Program to your parent/guardian? *
Are they willing to support your commitment to the Aquarium? *
Which position are you applying for: Teen Guest Services or Teen Education? *
If you are applying for the Junior Educator Program, please go to the website for the written application form:
Upload your essay file (500 - 1000 words) here. *
You can save your essay as a document, PDF, or image file.
Have you sent the recommendation form link to your non-relative adult reference? This form, the essay, and the recommendation form are required for a complete application. The link is *
Are you able to attend one of the posted Information Session dates currently listed on the website? *
If so, which one? If not, why not? *
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