2016 Richard E. Wyman Scholarship Application (Due by Monday, 5/2/2016)

Salt Lake Petroleum Section
Society of Petroleum Engineers

Application for Scholarship for the Academic Year 2016-2017

Open to student residents in the section service area
*(portions of UT, ID, NV and WY)

    I. Requirements for Consideration

    *Any scholarship awarded by the Salt Lake Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers is contingent upon the recipient being officially registered at an accredited university or college and enrolled in a curriculum leading to a degree in engineering or geoscience disciplines. *Scholarship applications should be postmarked no later than May 2, 2016 for consideration. Recipients of scholarships will be notified approximately 30 days after the application submission deadline. *If selected as a potential scholarship recipient, a personal letter of recommendation from a school instructor or administrator may be requested. You will also be requested to provide an official transcript from the school you are attending. *All of the requested information on this scholarship form is required in order to be considered for the scholarship (i.e. International students should take the ACT or SAT exams). *High school seniors may apply for the scholarship by referral from current members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. All scholarship money will be awarded at the beginning of the next college year. *A scholarship check of $2000 will be issued in August 2016 for the upcoming collegiate year. A Social Security number (or tax ID number), proof of enrollment, and state ID, license or passport for identification will be required before the check is delivered to the selected scholarship recipient.