Inspired Families Association - Volunteer Questionnaire (2017)
Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you'd like to get involved with the Inspired Families Association! Every family is a member, and we're glad you're looking to be an ACTIVE member this coming school year.

The mission of the Inspired Families Association (IFA) is to promote our students' educational successes and overall well-being by engaging and empowering families to advocate for their children and support the school’s overall mission.

IFA Goals:
• Raise and expend funds to meet needs identified by the school
• Create more opportunities for school and family social interactions
• Support student recruitment efforts
• Support the needs of our teachers and staff
• Enrich classroom experience and support facility improvements
• Provide an open forum for sharing information that impacts students and families

(The information provided will be used ONLY by the IFA to connect you with school volunteer opportunities. We will NEVER share this information without your consent.)

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Child/Children's name(s)/age(s)/grade(s):
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Do you have any special skills/interests that you might like to share with the school community?
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Are you interested in... (check all that apply)
Is this your first year volunteering for the IFA?
Which of these committees sounds interesting to you? (Multiple answers okay!)
Examples of the committee functions below.
If event planning/execution sounds fun, which one(s)?
Which times/days work best for you for meetings and/or volunteer opportunities?
Do you work outside the home?
If so, who is your employer/company/organization?
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Does your employer/company match employee donations, make in-kind donations, and/or donate to schools/school groups?
Anything else you'd like to share?
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