Winterfest 2018 Silent Auction
Thank you for supporting Quebec 2020 with a Winterfest Silent Auction item!

Please follow these three simple steps:

1. For each item you have, please fill out an individual form below.

2. You will be sent an item # via email within a few days of submitting this form, --- when you receive a reply email with the item number, please note this item number with a tag on the item.

3. Bring all your items to the Lord Tennyson lobby on either: Thursday November 22, Friday November 23, Monday November 26, Tuesday November 27, or Wednesday November 28 at one of the following drop off times: 8:45am-9:15am or 2:45pm-3:15pm. Alternate drop off times can be arranged through Gloria ( or text at 604-671-3801).

Winterfest is on December 7th. A great time to do holiday shopping!

Don't forget to sell wine raffle tickets too!

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