Bishop's School Nomination Form - Welcome JELC Guests!
Thank you for prayerfully considering a youth to attend Bishop's School! Please complete the following nomination form no later than Wednesday, March 15th. This three-step process includes information about the nominator and nominee, your letter of recommendation and a written reflection from the nominee answering the following questions: "As someone who follows Jesus, how do you experience God? Also, how do you understand your call to live a Christian life?" Please note, completion of this process is required for each youth.

Criteria for nomination:
- Youth who have completed grades 10th, 11th, or 12th in 2017;
- member of an ELCA congregation;
- are willing to commit to serious biblical and theological study
(meaning that academic ability is important, not necessarily grades);
- are willing and able to work on their own to complete reading assignments
and projects and participate in small group reflection and dialogue;
- can be confronted with the Gospel in significant ways;
- and who would tend to benefit by and use the experience in their daily life, no matter their

Although this is an event which presents young persons with an opportunity to discern a sense of calling, this doesn’t mean only a call to rostered leadership. Bishop’s School is designed to provide a way to discern how to live the vocation of the Christian life regardless of occupation or profession. Active participation in synodical or congregational youth ministry programs isn’t required. This may appeal to youth who aren’t currently involved precisely because it is a different kind of event. Please encourage any youth who meets the criteria above to attend.

You, your bishop, and your nominee will receive notification as to whether or not your nominee has been accepted to the 2017 Bishops' School by email and U.S. Mail around March 31st.

Please notify Tiffany Pieters ( if you have any questions or concerns.

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