Under The Sky

In “Under The Sky”, 5 strangers will be having a conversation while lying side by side underneath the sky. With nothing between them and only the vast and open sky to look at, the 5 strangers will attempt to open their hearts up to one another despite having only just met; through facilitated conversations on their personal journeys in mental health.

This project is an ode to vulnerability, vastness and openness. It challenges the need for space and proximity to feel safe and close to another person. It pushes us to connect with the nature and the sky. In the moment itself, there is no destination, no place to be. It is just us, the sky, and the people next to us.

In this moment, could you find the courage to be vulnerable under the sky? To feel yourself deeply and allow yourself to be felt? That there is nobody else you need to be other than yourself – you made up of the entire sum of the good and the bad in you.

If you wish to answer these questions for yourself, fill in this form to be a part of this unique experience on the 27th November 2020 (Friday). Your participation will be confirmed through an email update from the organisers.

Key Information :

Date & Time:
27th November 2020 (Friday)
08.30AM - 11.00AM

Meeting Location:
1018 ECP, Raintree Cove S, Singapore 449877
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To participate on the 27th November 2020, tick the checkboxes below to allow the organisers of "Under The Sky" to have the rights to publish the contents, documented during the socially engaged happening, for public viewing. If there are any content that the participants would wish to keep private, they can have a discussion with the organisers to have them omitted. The organisers will have the final decision.
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