Brent Museum and Archives Heritage and Wellbeing: Survey of participants (version 1)
We would like to invite you to take part in an independent evaluation carried out by Helen Shearn Associates on behalf of Brent Museum and Archives’ Health and Wellbeing Programme. You have been invited because you been involved with the programme or have recently participated in an event or project funded by the programme (although the actual event or project may have been run by another organisation).

We would be grateful if you would complete this form about your experience of the event/project you have been involved in or attended. The information will be used only for the evaluation of the projects, which will help future development of similar activities in Brent. The survey takes about 5 minutes and your responses will be confidential; we do not collect identifying information. Your participation is voluntary and if you decide not to complete the survey, it won’t affect your participation in the event/project. Brent Museum and Archives are very keen to make their activities appeal to a wide range of people from the community. This is why the survey starts by asking for some information about you - we would like you to complete as much of the survey as you can.

If you would like more information, you should contact the evaluation team (Helen Shearn by email on or by phone on 07969575221).
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Please say if you are filling this out for yourself or on behalf of another person who attended the event or project (if you are answering on behalf of someone else please answer the questions from their point of view).
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How old are you?
Are you (please tick one):
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What do you do at the moment?
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What is your postcode (the first three letters):
What is your ethnic group?
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What is your sexual orientation?
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Do you have a disability or a condition that limits your day-to-day activities?
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If you are aware of the Brent Museum and Archives Heritage and Wellbeing programme, please indicate what your role is (please skip the question if you have not heard of the programme).
Which event/project have you participated in? (If not known, please say which organisation asked you to fill out this survey.) *
How has the event/project made you feel? (please enter 3 or more words below, e.g. happy, bored)
What have you learnt by attending the event/project? (please enter 3 or more words below, e.g. what new skills you learnt)
How far would you agree or disagree with the following statements about the event/project?
I enjoyed the event/project/experience.
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I felt more connected to others.
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I learnt something new.
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I was able to use my skills or help others.
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I was more aware of the world around me.
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I felt like being more active.
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I felt that I contributed to something.
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Overall, how satisfied are you with your life nowadays? (please give a score of 0 to 10)
Not at all satisfied
Completely satisfied
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Any other comments
By submitting the survey, I indicate that I agree to participate.
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