Music Professional Learning Development
Over the next two years, MENZA will offer an increased level of Professional Learning Development (PLD) around NZ to support classroom music teachers. This is supported by funding from the Ministry of Education. We intend to cover the length of the country.
Feedback from our past training events indicate that there is a large need for Music PLD, and that there are a wide variety of topics that are needing support.

We want to be able to provide the right training, workshops and resources in the right areas.

To helps us, we have a form below requesting your feedback. Could you also please pass this onto any classroom music teacher that you know.

It will take 2mins to fill this form out and it will close on the 17th of August.

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School name
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Year level(s) you would like PDL for
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Music we already do:
Music I would love to be trained in
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If you selected a few subjects in the previous question (what you'd love some training in), are you able to say what your first priority would be?
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Unused music resources you have
Have you got music resources sitting unused which you'd like to get inspired to use (or recycle)? Eg marimbas, glockenspiels, recorders, ukuleles, computers, chrome books, buckets or drums etc. Please comment....
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Resources you don't have
Are there resources you want to use but don't have because you need more knowledge before you could purchase? Eg music software, recording ideas.
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Any questions or comments?
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