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“Sequestered at Home” is tough on us all. For some of us, our kids are
grown and our grandkids, much as we love ‘em, are not underfoot. Others
of us are still working, often from home, AND our kids are now rattling
around the house, too…and our spouses. That’s extra tough.

Those of us in the first group—not yet going nuts—would love to lend a
hand to those in the second group. How about if we drop off a home-
cooked meal or at least a main dish, kid-friendly and big enough to last for

We can’t come in to kid-sit, we can’t take them out for a jaunt, we can’t put
the toys away, we can’t even do the dishes afterward! But cook and deliver
we can do… and we’d love to.

If One Less Meal would help out, either one time only or once a week,
please fill out the form below.
First, let's get to know one another. What's your name?
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How can we contact you if we have questions? (Please provide a phone number AND an email address!)
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How many people are in your household and will be eating this meal?
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Does anyone in your household have food allergies?
What ALLERGIES exist in your household?
Are there other foods or food groups we should avoid?
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Please select one of the following:
If you would like to receive a one-time meal, please tell us the DATE you would like it (i.e. Sunday, April 12th)
If you would like a regular weekly meal, what DAY OF THE WEEK is best for you?
How would you like us to handle delivery?
Last question! Is there anything else you'd like us to know, or any special precautions we should observe while preparing or delivering your meal?
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