Use this form to submit your Clash of Clans Troop Profile. This data will be used to calculate war map ranking and therefore must be submitted before you can participate in Clan Wars. Be sure to return to this form each time you complete an upgrade so you can update the coeasponding data. A link to this form can be found in your player profile located at www.JUSTiSO.com.

*Please note that failure to maintain an accurate troop profile may result in a suspension from Clan Wars. Thank you all for your continued cooperation and contributions! ;) -Zooks
Player Information
1.) IGN *
Please enter your Clash of Clans "in game name" exactly as it appears on your device. If you have 2 identical accounts, use your experience level below to differentiate.
2.) Experience Level *
Please enter your current COC Experience Level. This is the number that appears in the blue star next to your IGN.
3.) New to JUSTiSO? *
If you have recently joined a JUSTiSO clan in the last 30 days and are completing this form for the first time, answer "YES".
5.) Townhall *
Please enter your current Townhall level.
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