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If you're a zinemaker thinking of stocking your zines in the Lucky Drop vending machine, this is the form for you!

If you AREN'T a zinemaker thinking of stocking your zines in the Lucky Drop vending machine, please leave.
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What is it?
Lucky Drop is the name of Wellington Zinefest's premiere zine vending machine. Hosted at Mashuko, Lucky Drop allows us to sell zines outside of festivals and special events.
This Form.
This form is for submitting your zines to be included in the machine. We just need a few details about your project, and your bank account number and name (so we can pay for your zines).
Important Details.
We'll cover the process of stocking your zines throughout this form, but the most important things to be aware of are:

- Lucky Drop only handles A6 and A7 zines
- We (Wellington Zinefest) will purchase your zines off you outright, sell them for the same price we bought them at, then use the revenue to buy more zines.
- A7 zines cost between $1 and $2, A6 zines cost $2.50.
- If there's more submissions then we can accommodate, we'll run a waitlist.
Located on 70 Ghuznee Street, Mashuko is an arts space opened in the space recently held by The French Art Shop. We're stoked to partner with them on this project. Mashuko is currently open Tuesday - Saturday, from 12 to 5pm.

Mashuko aren't actually managing the administration of the machine - that's on us at Wellington Zinefest. They may be able to help with a few questions relating to the machine, but you'll need to go through us to stock your zines.
How it Works
We buy your zines. We sell your zines. We use the money to buy more zines.
Picking Zines
We'll do our best to include everyone's zines. That said, we won't accept content that falls outside of our Code of Conduct, which you can read here:

We'll also do our best to include a diverse range of zines in the machine at any one time. So if there's already plenty of one kind of zine in Lucky Drop, we might wait a little before purchasing more of that kind.

We do have a couple of other priorities - we try to feature Wellington-based artists where possible, and make an effort to highlight underrepresented perspectives.
Purchasing Yr Zines
Wellington Zinefest will purchase your zines upfront, and then sell them on and keep the revenue.

Lucky Drop doesn't sell things for a profit, but we purchase upfront because it means less admin for everyone involved. Once your zines have sold and we've gained the investment back, we use it to purchase more zines for the machine. And so it goes..
Once you've entered this form, we'll be in touch to let you know we've received your submission. If we can, we'll organise purchasing straight away.

Unfortunately, we don't have the money to buy everyone's zines straight away. But that doesn't mean we don't want your zines! It just means we'll have to wait for some others that we purchased to sell first, before we can buy more. Hopefully this won't be too long.

Your submission will stay on our waitlist until we've got space and have money for new zines. We'll get back in touch when we're ready to begin restocking :)
Lucky Drop only really handles zines of A6 and A7 size.

There's heaps of room for A7 zines up the top - 8 rows, with space for 94 A7 zines in total.

There's slightly less room for A6 zines - there's another eight rows, and it can fit 62 A6 zines all up.

We're still figuring out how very *thicc* or heavy zines might work in the machine, so if yours has a bulky or weighty cover, we're happy to experiment with how it might fit.
Keeping Pages Together
After some experimentation, we've found we need to place zines in small plastic covers to keep the pages together. Without something to keep the pages together, the pages of your zines will catch on the coil and lead to crisis and mayhem.

We can provide these lil' plastic sheaths, but if you wanted to do something else to keep the pages of your zine together - maybe an envelope or frame or something - be our guest! We can suss out a test run if you'd like to try anything out.

"But other machines don't need to have a cover!?"
We get that not everyone is stoked to have plastic involved, us included. Here's why it's necessary - Lucky Drop's coils are set up to rotate *clockwise*, so that the end of the coil meets the pages edge of the zines. When this happens, the pages can sometimes spread out and catch in the coil. Other machines have a coil that rotates anti-clockwise, which means the coil meets the spine edge of the zine, and there's no problem.

We'll leave space for people to, after having purchased their zine, drop the cover in a box so it can be reused.
We're rolling with standard pricing at the moment, though this might change in the future.

At the moment we've set A7 zines at between $1 and $2, and A6 from $2.50. Wellington Zinefest will purchase your zines off you at this price.

At this stage we're aiming to keep prices low to encourage people to experiment with the machine.
Getting Yr Zines To Us
There's a few ways we can do this.

If you're in Wellington, probably the best approach is to meet one of our team at the Lucky Drop. There might not be room to stock your zines immediately, but this is a good chance for us to test out how they'll fit in the machine. If you can't meet during Mashuko's opening hours, send us an email and we can suss out a time.

None of us really drive, so we're not able to pick up your zines from your place.

If you're from out of town, you can mail your zines to:

Wellington Zinefest
105 Rākau Road
Hataitai, Wellington
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