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1. Pick the correct word. *
2. Pick the correct word. *
3. Choose the word that matches the picture. *
4. What color is this? *
Pick one color.
5. Marcus . . . to Mexico last year. He . . . to Mexico again this summer. *
6. Ana and Rafael . . . when their mother . . . them. *
Complete the sentence.
7. I . . . to the doctor several times before she finally . . . my problem. *
8. We . . . there for five years by the time I finish school. *
9. Combine the following sentence into one. *
My neighbor is a physician. His specialty is pediatric medicine.
10. Combine the following sentences into one. *
We wanted to buy a car. It turned out to be a lemon.
11. Combine the following sentences into one. *
Urban living gives people access to diverse activities. Urban dwellers experience more traffic and pollution.
12. What is the main topic of this article? *
In 2013, Clarksville witness over 1500 acts of violence in addition to property crimes. The city ended the year with 112 homicides, 20 more deaths than in the previous year, a statistic which has many asking how to quell the violence. Hand in Hand, a restorative justice program working in East Clarksville, believes it has an answer. Established in 2008 by Curtis Williams, a local educator, it aims to shift the community’s response to crime. Rather than penalizing offenders with jail time, it asks victims to confront their offenders, explain the crime’s impact, and find a way to move forward. The initiative was born after Williams was mugged by a neighbor’s teenage son. “It was challenging for me,” Williams said, “because we’d been neighbors for years. I’d seen the boy grow up and I didn’t want to burn any bridges, but I felt hurt and angry.” In an attempt to salvage his relationship with his neighbors, Williams held the first Hand in Hand meeting, inviting family, neighbors, even clergy. Williams explained his reasoning, saying, “I wanted to have the opportunity to face that young man and specify how he impacted my life. Nothing can negate what he did, but it made me feel powerful.”
13. Using the text above, answer the following question. Where would you most likely find this kind of article? *
14. Using the text above, answer the following question. In this context, what is the meaning of "burn any bridges"? *
15. Using the text above, answer the following question. What is the purpose of restorative justice? *
An Interview with Elizabeth Gilbert.
16. What is the main topic of discussion in this clip? *
17. According to Elizabeth Gilbert, how do you know that you are doing the work you love? *
18. What is the first thing Elizabeth Gilbert does in the morning? *
19. How does Elizabeth Gilbert use social media? *
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