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Elders say that due to our Purva Janma Punyam or Purva Janma Sukrutham we have been bestowed with an opportunity to participate in good deeds or good service in this birth. It is believed that among many forms of Daanam and Dharmam, Bhomi Daanam is considered as one of the dearest acts that pleases the Lord and your progeny will be blessed for many many generations.

PuraaNas speak highly of this deed and that the Lord would protect such donors and their family for generations! Here is a great opportunity to get involved in the noble deed. Bhoomi Daanam is a great way by which everyone can play a part of the future Temple's development. Our corridor temple has opened up Bhoomi Daanam, a seva just for you in a highly affordable way. It will be offered on a first come, first served basis, so please hurry.

Building a temple is once in a life time opportunity and this mighty endeavor needs your financial support. Your generosity will help bring this noble cause to completion. With your continued support, we will not only have a place of worship, but also a venue to promote our culture and heritage for generations to come.
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