2012 Tales of the Cocktail Vancouver Cocktail Competition Entry Form

Create Our Signature Vanouver Punch

Tales of the Cocktail invites you to submit a winning recipe for the Official Cocktail Competition of Tales of the Cocktail on Tour to be held in Vancouver.

Tales of the Cocktail® is taking its show on the road once again for Tales of the Cocktail® on Tour – Vancouver. This February we’ll return to our home away from home for three days of seminars, tastings, special events and more, each featuring some of the biggest names in mixology from around the world. Join us February 12-15 as we dive deep into the cocktail culture of Vancouver and sample a taste of what’s in store at the 10th Anniversary Tales of the Cocktail this summer in New Orleans.

For our 2nd Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Vancouver we are punching things up with our cocktail competition. If you think your skills are up to the challenge, we would like you to create a punch cocktail that we can use as our official cocktail at this year’s event.

Punch was derived from the Hindu word for five and is traditionally made with five ingredients: liquor, sugar or sweetening agent, citrus juice, tea (or other spice) and water. By the end of the 17th century it was most of the popular drinks in England and its colonies.

Bartenders all over the world have been turning back the clock to rediscover forgotten drinks and recipes, drinks such as flips, bucks, and cups are appearing on menus. We ask you to look back and create a punch for the year 2012 at Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Vancouver.

• A minimum of 1.5 ounces of base spirit whisk(e)y, rum, cognac, tequila or gin selected from the list below.
• Use of multiple spirits from list below is permitted.
• You are encouraged to use infusions, but each infusion may only be created with a singular ingredient.
• All ingredients must be reasonably easy to find, or prepare.
• You are encouraged to use ingredients that are indigenous or native to, and represent Canada.

1. Competition is open to any bartender currently working in the bar, restaurant or spirits industry in Canada.
2. Each participant shall use the official entry form posted at TalesoftheCocktail.com
3. All recipes shall be original creations.
4. Recipes shall be expressed in ounces, drops, or dashes and scaled for a single serving.
5. Your cocktail must utilize at least 1.5 ounces of a base spirit from the list below
6. All ingredients utilized should be expected to be available to most bars or easily acquired/made.
7. All ingredients should be available year-round, so nothing too seasonal. And all ingredients should be obtainable -- or should be able to be made from scratch -- without undue difficulty or expense anywhere within Canada.
8. Cocktails made with inappropriate ingredients will be disqualified with determination of what constitutes an inappropriate ingredient up to the discretion of the staff of Tales of the Cocktail and the judging committee.
9. Cocktails will be judged on Originality, Use of products, Taste, and Presentation.
10. You do not need to be present to compete or win.
11. First prize winner will be the “Official Cocktail” of Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Vancouver 2011
12. First prize winner will receive a complimentary event pass to attend Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Vancouver.
13. Winning recipe will be featured at www.TalesoftheCocktail.com and multiple events at Tales of the Cocktail on Tour 2012
14. Judges include: Charlotte Voisey, William Grant & Sons, Wayne Curtis, author and David Wondrich

Cocktail Competition Timeline:

September 30, 2011
Cocktail Competition Opens

October 19, 2011
Cocktail Competition Forms due to www.TalesoftheCocktail.com

November 2, 2011
Judges review entries and are narrowed down to three finalists.

November 15, 2011
Winner is announced in Vancouver at Tales of the Cocktail on Tour Press Conference

Sponsor Products:


Aberlour Single Malt Scotch
Alberta Pure
Alberta Premium
Buffalo Trace Bourbon
Canadian Club (premium, reserve, classic and sherry cask)
Caribou Crossing Single Barrel Canadian Whisky*
Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky
Eagle Rare Single Barrel Bourbon
Fireball Whisky
Gibson’s Finest 12 Year Canadian Whisky
Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Glenmorangie Original 10 Years Old
Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky
Highland Park
Jameson Irish Whiskey
Jim Beam
Jim Beam Black
Makers Mark
Red Stag
Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian Whisky*
Sazerac Rye*
The Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch
Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey
Wild Turkey 80 proof and 101 proof Bourbon
Wiser’s Canadian Whisky


Appleton Estates Rums (VX, Reserve)
Bacardi 8
Bacardi Oakheart
Brugal Rum
Cruzan Spiced 9 Rum
Havana Club Rum
Lamb’s Black Sheep Spiced Rum
Mount Gay Silver Eclipse Rum & Amber Eclipse
Sailor Jerry Rum

Hennessy Black Cognac
Hennessy Cognac VS
Martell Cognac
Marquis de Villard French Brandy
Remy Martin VS and VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac
St Remy Brandy

Beefeater London Gin
Bombay Sapphire
Hendrick’s Gin
Plymouth Gin
Victoria Gin
Victoria Spirits Oaken Gin

Avion Tequila
Cazadores - Blanco, Repo, Anejo
Hornitos Tequila
Olmeca Tequila
Sauza Tequila - gold and silver

Bols Liqueurs
Disaronno Amaretto
St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

Giffard Premium Liqueurs
Abricot du Rousillon
Banane du Bresil
Curacao-Triple Sec
Ginger of the Indies
Muroise du Val Loire
Vanille de Madagascar

Angostura Aromatic Bitters
Angostura Orange Bitters
Peychaud’s Bitters*
Twisted and Bitter - Orange Bitters

Fee Brothers
Aztec Chocolate Bitters
Celery Bitters
Cherry Bitters
Cranberry Bitters
Grapefruit Bitters
Hibiscus Water
Jasmine Water
Lavender Water
Lemon Bitters
Mint Bitters
Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters
Orange Bitters
Orange Flower Water
Orgeat Cordial Syrup
Peach Bitters
Plum Bitters
Rhubarb Bitters
Rose Water
Whiskey Barrel Aged Bitters


Giffard Premium Syrups
Cane Sugar
Gomme (Arabic Gum)
Macadamia Nut

Fentiman’s Products
Fentiman’s Curiosity Cola
Fentiman’s Dandelion & Burdock
Fentiman’s Ginger Beer
Fentiman’s Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger
Fentiman’s Shandy
Fentiman’s Tonic Water
Fentiman’s Victorian Lemonade

*Limited quantities

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