Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk 2020 - REFUNDS
Thank you for entering the Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk 2020. Unfortunately we have cancelled the event due to the coronavirus/Corvid 19 pandemic and now intend to refund your entry fees as soon as possible.

We are offering entrants the following options:

Option 1 (Default) - Donate your entry fee to the Longtown Mountain Rescue Team - this is the default option and no action is required. We’ll deduct from your entry fee either PayPal costs or postage costs (for those who entered by mail) and donate all the surplus to the LMRT. As you know, the team is entirely supported by and reliant on charitable donations to continue its work.

(For information, PayPal charge 2.9%+30p per transaction for the initial entry fee then, depending on how long ago people entered, PayPal have a further charge to issue the refund).

Option 2 - A full refund. To claim your refund you need to tick the box at the bottom of this email. Cardiff Outdoor Group will then arrange for the refund to be credited back to the card account you used to pay for your entry. The refund must be claimed before midnight on 8th April 2020.

If you’d like to do a combination of Option 1 and 2 we can do that as well. Let us know in the ‘Option 1 & 2 Combination’ how much you’d like to donate to Longtown Mountain Rescue Team and we’ll pass this on then return the difference to you.

We would like to offer our thanks for both supporting our event also your understanding with regards the current situation.

Best wishes for your health and well-being in these difficult times.

Three Peaks Trial Organising Committee
Cardiff Outdoor Group

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Option 1 (Default) - Donate your entry fee to the Longtown Mountain Rescue Team (minus unrecoverable Paypal costs or postage costs).
Option 2 - A full refund.
Combination Option 1 & 2 - Type in the amount of your entry fee you'd like to donate to Longtown Mountain Rescue Team, we'll pass this on and refund the remainder of your entry fee to you.
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