SaGa Frontier Emelia Showdown - Runner Application
Apply to be a racer for the first Emelia's Story race at SaGa Racing. Applications close on December 20th at 11:59 PST (December 21st at 15:59 JST).
What is your Discord username (including the numbers, e.g. John Smith#1234)? *
What is your Twitch username? *
Please link a video of your current Emelia PB (if you have one).
If you don't have an Emelia PB, will you commit to learning the run before the competion?
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What timezone are you in? (e.g. PST, EST, JST, etc) *
When are you available to compete in this event? (These dates are all weekends in PST) *
For how long are you available on the dates specified (e.g. all day, from 6-7 pm CST, etc)? *
Are you available to perform your run live? (If you can't, you have the option to have your race be pre-recorded) *
Do you have a webcam? Are you comfortable using one? (Do note that a webcam is 100% optional) *
Which language will you be running on? *
Which platform will you be running on? *
If you run on an emulator, which emulator will you be using?
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